About 10 years ago, I began to get involved in researching my ancestors with my father.  My mothers side was easy, most ancestors were already known.  However, my father’s side was from France and we had no record of family members.  For the last couple of years, we searched through every known record we had, found a cousin but that was all.  When I saw Jeff’s web page, thefrenchgenealogist.com, I had to email him right away.  He quickly replied with great insight, and the rest is history.  With Jeff’s help and wisdom of French genealogy, I was able to locate 15+ names of my ancestors.  Thanks!!

Lee C.

I was looking for a Certified Genealogist that specializes in French History as well French lineage research AND can interpret all documents and findings to Americanized English. Jeff Vinuesa aka The French Genealogist, was EXACTLY and MORE of what I was looking for!! Not only did he deliver, Jeff OVER delivered….!!!!

Marie A. G.