A woman and her ex-stepson planned to marry.  After the mayor of their town, Dabo close to Marseilles,  is the Elysée (the french White House) who refused their marriage.

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Elizabeth and Eric love each other but can not marry. Order of the Elysée. In fact, the woman is the former stepmother of her lover. Before being lovers, Elizabeth and Eric were indeed stepmother and step-son. Elizabeth was 24 when she fell in love with the father of Eric, who is 16 years older than her, with whom she had a daughter. Eric, meanwhile, has made his living on his own and has also become a father.

In 2006, the family broke. Eric’s father decided to separate from his wife. This moment of separation was difficult for her. Elizabeth went to see Eric, they both worked in the same office cleaning and Eric is the godfather of the daughter of the former couple. Very present during this difficult time, they gradually fell in love with one another. They then installed together, five years ago, and last November Eric asked the hand of his former stepmother.

Just try to imagine the job of the genealogist that will be hire in 100 years to trace the roots of the family. Brick-wall perhaps not but headache for sure.