First of all: thank you.

One year ago, I decided to create TheFrenchGenealogist to share my expertise and savoir faire with American and international genealogists. It has been a great year with many exciting and challenging projects. I had the chance to meet wonderful clients with fascinating family histories.

Actually we work on projects even beyond family histories.

Over the last year, we investigated several family legends related to the French Revolution of 1830, also known as the July Revolution, and to the Paris Commune or Fourth French Revolution. We searched for company histories and French patents. We looked for tombs and for “Where it All Began” locations. We documented and retrieved old newspaper articles for biographies. We also deciphered illegible handwritings using dedicated home-made GIMP filters. We even provided weather reports for early 20th century’s marriages.

So I would like to thank you a lot.

For this first frenchgenealo-birthday, I will initiate a blog. A blog to talk (write actually) about what? Well not about the results of the research projects we are performing together. As you know, these findings are confidential and only for my clients. I plan to talk about French emigration to US (mostly from the 18th to the 19th century), French archives and resources, news on the French genealogical sphere, success stories and my own genealogical projects.