As a full service genealogical research firm, we provide accurate, ethical and professional research and documentation of American-French family lineages so that families may honor and preserve the memory of their heritage.

Jean-François, aka Jeff, Vinuesa-Hyacinthe is a talented scientist with a Ph.D. from the university of Strasbourg (France).

During the last decade, he has been working in several countries for international, multi-disciplinary research institutes such as the University of Georgia at Athens (GA, USA),  the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre in Ispra (Italy), the University of Minnesota at Minneapolis (MN, USA), the University of Utrecht (The Netherlands), the TNO (Apeldoorn, The Netherlands), the University of Strasbourg (France) or the French national research center (France).

He has more than 20 years experience in genealogical research specialized in French and Spanish family history.

Jeff is the founder and the owner of Généalogie Numérique, a professional genealogical firm providing both traditional and innovative services and of THEFRENCHGENEALOGISTSM, Service Mark for its service specifically dedicated to American-French, Cajun, Acadian and Hispanic Family History.

He is member of several organizations including the Association of Professional Genealogists and the National Genealogical Society. He is also member of french and spanish associations as Centre Généalogique de Savoie or the Raíces Reino de Valencia. This keeps him informed about advances in methodology and available records.

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